Monday, March 23, 2015

The Blessings of Trials

The enemy wants us to doubt God's love. When we go through difficult times, trials, and hardships, we are tempted to question God's love in our lives. 

"Why did He take away my loved one from me? Why did He allow me to suffer from this sickness? Why doesn't He bring me out from my endless debts? I just got through from one problem and now there's another?  Why do bad things happen to me? Doesn't He know I am a good person? Does God still love me?"  

God's love is not measured by the "blessings" we receive such as good health, wealth, stable jobs, successful businesses and careers, opportunities, people, etc. We often think, rather we want to believe, that these are what we call blessings. Yes. These are good gifts from God. These of course are blessings. But these are not the ONLY blessings in life. If good things happen to us, we think we deserve those blessings. If bad things happen to us, we question, "I am a good person, but why did this happen to me?"  Then we are quick to accuse God of being not a good God. If it's good, we think we deserve or we earn it. We think God owes us a blessing if we remain to be good or do good works.