Monday, June 30, 2014

Slice the Cake

Back in college, my ultimate dream job was to be a cake slicer. You know, someone who slices cakes at a pastry or coffee shop. NO KIDDING. you could ask some of my friends about it. :-)

Ten years later, never in my wildest dreams that I would be slicing cakes (to think that I had zero skills in cooking and baking). And to add to that, I am making the cakes myself! :-) I never kept my hopes high in chasing my dreams.  After all, I was only in college taking up Information Technology (IT) and I was just only dreaming for that job.  How would an IT student like me be slicing cakes as a profession?  That would be silly.  Except, that is, slicing a cake on a birthday is fairly reasonable. :-)

A Letter to Daddy God

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Dear Father God in heaven,

How are You today? Have You been waiting for my letter? Are You excited to read my letter? I bet You are! :-)

How am I lately? Well, not okay, to tell You frankly. There's something in my heart that is bothering me.  You know, a lot of things. And most of them, I just keep them to myself.  Nobody understands I guess except You. I don't understand it myself either. LOL!

Father God, I need to ask You a favor. Could You help me take my focus away from me, and put my focus onto Jesus? You know, I've decided it the other day, but I cannot do it on my own. I badly, desperately need Your help!

And oh! It's been days since the Holy Spirit is prompting me to write a letter to daddy 'coz He said I might need it later. I guess I should take time to do that as soon as possible, don't You think?

Father God, You know that I am down to nothing. I don't know what You're up to, but I know You are up to something. This must be good. :-)

And one more thing Father God: please don't let me miss what You're up to.  Please don't let me miss out Your movement for the "coming event" soon. Please don't let me miss out the spectacular events that will be happening before the King's Coming.  And please include my earthly father in Your plans.

Love truly,

Your going-through-something child


I have a question, but I cannot identify it yet in my heart.  I'll get back to it really soon.  Thanks for the grace and mercy You're giving me up to this day.

[Journal entry: February 9, 2013]