Monday, December 3, 2012

Paws For a While

There is so much to learn from dogs about life that we need to take time to sit down, listen, and watch them.
Yuki, our white mix labrador

They love unconditionally,
forgive quickly,
value loyalty,
show integrity,
delight in simple joys,
give thanks than complain,
accept praise but consider rebuke,
do not judge,


no matter how they are being criticized, they don't give in to hurt, and they don't get reactive or defensive. Rather, they smile, run back, and make friends with you.

I admit, dogs are good teachers and better humans than most of us.

And I thank God on the day He created dogs.

Thank You, Father God, for Yuki, Mochi, and Cipher! They are a joy and blessing to our family! :D

Mochi, our mixed-breed dog
Cipher, our golden retriever

[Journal entry: August 24, 2012]

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